The Super Peeler! Swiss Made, Guranteed for life, and the best product you'll ever own in your kitchen!
See the incredible demo video below!    

The SUPER PEELER, designed and manufactured in Zurich, Switzerland was developed for people who suffered from arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. But now, Chef Grady has introduced it to America to sell to the General Public. It's unique and stainless steel design makes peeling ANYTHING so simple, even a five year old child can do it. Cabbage, corn, grapes, apples, cheese, chocolate, you name it, you can peel it simply by pulling! Don't be fooled by cheap imitations as the Super Peeler sharpens itself each time you use it and will last you a lifetime! This product is NOT SOLD IN ANY STORE IN AMERICA! So order now, and you will find this tool to be the best thing you ever put in your kitchen! Comes with instructions and a lifetime guarantee!