Since 1947, Super Peelers have been well known all over the world. Like many other famous Swiss products, the peeler also displays those outstanding features which made the term "Swiss made" into what it is known for today: imaginative innovation, precision manufacturing, painstaking attention to detail, timeless design, longevity, a timelessness and exceptional product.


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People often ask what makes our product so unique. Our reply is always the same: "Our product is developed and produced with the same meticulousness and attention to detail as one expects from an original Swiss product. Nothing is left to chance, neither product design or practical application nor its high durability. Our customers are entitled to expect this from us and we constantly strive to fulfill or even surpass this expectation."

For example, we do not make one product that cannot be used by left-handed people. Moreover, an economy peeler is suitable for more applications than just peeling, and our customers are pleased that their favorite kitchen tool has been left unchanged and continues to be available in the United States after so many years.

We have stayed true to our principles for more than 60 years – one reason why our product is found in almost every kitchen of the world, whether in the gastronomy industry or at home.