1. Ideal for right or left handed use, prepare for use by holding the tool in your dominant hand, and the food you are peeling in your other hand.
  2. No pressure at all will peel skin from any fruit or vegetable, but if you do apply minimal pressure, it will slice thin slices of hard cheese, sweet potato, cucumber and more.
  3. To remove skin, press down slightly, and slide down the full length of your fruit or vegetable. Cut away from your body for the safest operation, but it works in either direction.
  4. There is a built in loop on the side that is perfect for removing imperfections from root vegetables, but it can also be used to quickly cut strips for julienne veggies or shoe string fries. Just press down and pull to remove long strips of a uniform thickness.
  5. Continue working until the entire skin is removed. A gentle touch and little effort will take off just the top layer, and increasing pressure will result in thicker pieces being removed.
  6. Once finished hand wash and NEVER place in the dishwasher for cleaning.
  7. After washing, dry the blade thoroughly to avoid surface rust.
  8. Oil the blade lightly with a vegetable oil to ensure a long life, and perfect performance.

Super Peeler

This incredible tool is widely used in professional kitchens because it's cut is smooth, and the peel is broad and thin. You will save time, and be left with little waste when you peel fruits and vegetables with this amazing device. It's not complicated to use, but follow the steps and suggestions that follow to ensure optimal use, and maximum longevity.​.